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Random Group of Images from Forget-Me-Not's past and present!

Forget-Me-Not Kenai displaying the athleticism of the Jack Russell Terrier
in a Dock Diving event in 2022!


Forget-Me-Not Pepper, winter 2021-22


The Forget-Me-Not Jack Russell Terriers
out in the field on a hunt.


Pebbles of Forget-Me-Not daughter Dandee, her daughter Neuce, and her daughter Deni.
Three generations of Pebbles descendants!


Forget-Me-Not Full Throttle (Fuller), enjoying a warm fire and good company on a cold winter morning!


Forget-Me-Not Timber and Diamond Gates Carbon


Forget-Me-Not Pepper (left) and Forget-Me-Not Darby (right) racing through the finish!


Forget-Me-Not Remington performing his duties as Chief Executive Dog!


The JRTs at Forget-Me-Not Kennel enjoy a good fire.


Forget-Me-Not Teller winning Best Open Terrier and Sage Creek Cayenne winning Reserve Open Terrier!


Little Eden Rosy living her retirement life.


Cody (Bo/Rosy pup) has figured out how to keep his feet warm!




They're all wanting something...



Forget-Me-Not Johnny B Good
photos by Robyn


Pocket Pets!



Tortilla Flat Roper (right) and his daughter Otter Bluff Genny (left)
after winning Best Working Terrier and Reserve at the
2007 Wheatland Trial under Katherine Brown.



The cat "Roadkill" nurturing a litter of Jacks. Who says Jacks and Felines don't get along??


A Pebbles pup sharpening its hunting instincts. Photo by my brother, Victor Steel
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Pebbles and her pups
Buck, Jiffee, Parker, Pebbles, Portia, Johnny, Foxee, Bruno
Madera, CA Diggin West Trial - October 2004

Devon in a sled. Photo by Victor Steel

Our daughter, Jordan with Forget-Me-Not Jiffee
Racing Champion
Wags for Wishes
Del Mar, CA July 2004
Photo by Sandi Pensinger

Brother, Vic Steel (2004, 2005, 2006 & 2007 JRTCA Nationals Photographer)
with Forget-Me-Not Jiffee at 2004 Nationals
Photo by Sandi Pensinger

Pebbles tubing

Dirt dog.
Jiffee in the Trinity Alps.
Photo by Sandi Pensinger

Forget-Me-Not Dandee hunting
What she does best!

Jordan and Forget-Me-Not Foxee

Forget-Me-Not Lilly (Crossruff Duel X Forget-Me-Not Dandee)

Jiffee hunting with friends in the Trinity Alps
Photo by Sandi Pensinger

Jiffee enjoyed a summer vacation in the Trinity Alps.
Photo by Sandi Pensinger

Family Class at the Wheatland Classic Trial - June 2004
Photo by Sandi Pensinger


Forget-Me-Not Terriers, Lynn Hawley, Emmett, ID
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