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Forget Me Not Solo visiting her families kindergarten class; educating the kids on Jack Russell behavior and what they were bred to do.

Thank you Michelle for sharing this moment with us.



Forget-Me-Not Emmee
winning the perpetual trophy in honor of Annie of Undercover,
for Best Working Bitch at 2007 Rainier Classic. Pictured are (left to right)
Lynn Mae, Nancy Breakstone and Lynn Hawley with Emmee.


Forget-Me-Not Emmee (right) and Tortilla Flat Roper (left) winning
Best and Reserve Working Terrier at 2006 Rainier Classic


Groundhog Hunting in Ontario, Canada July 2006
with Wayne and Marla Robinson (Vagabond Terriers) and Lois Clough (Salishan Terriers)

Tortilla Flat Roper (Rushill Pirate X Tortilla Flat Shannon)
earning JRTCA NHC to groundhog with Wayne Robinson and owner Lynn Hawley

Forget-Me-Not Emmee (Foxfield Flash X Pebbles of Forget-Me-Not)
attaining JRTCA NHC to groundhog with Wayne Robinson and owner Lynn Hawley

Emmee, Tart, and Flicker all earned their Natural Hunting Certificates to Groundhog in July 2006.
A great testament to the Forget-Me-Not breeding program, and Pebbles' dominant hunting instincts.

Pebbles of Forget-Me-Not





Forget-Me-Not Emmee
a Pebbles daughter





Salishan Tart
a Pebbles granddaughter





Salishan Flicker
a Pebbles great-grandson


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