Forget-Me-Not Remington

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This is the photo album for Forget-Me-Not Remington, one of Pebbles' and Duel's most photogenic puppies (mainly because a photographer owns him!). Remi was purchased from Forget-Me-Not in December 2005 by Victor & Kelly Steel of North Carolina where he lives with 3 other JRTs, a terrier mix, and a cat (Note: his name is now Remington Steel...). He is learning all about action sports, through agility and flyball training with Kelly. Remi is a full brother to Forget-Me-Not Ziggy, who remains at Forget-Me-Not Terriers as a show dog.

You can see Remi's home page with pedigree here.


Remi at 2 months, practicing his show dog presence!
From the first day we saw Remi, we felt he had the drive to excel in action sports. He is very animated, and loves to chase balls -- or anything else that might need "chasin".
Forget-Me-Not Ziggy and Remi playing Tug-o-War with a poor, hapless, monkey toy.
Remi (sitting upright) and Ziggy sharing a sleigh ride. "I wonder where that red-nosed JRT is to pull us"??
Remi whispering something to Ziggy, probably about these silly humans who think this sleigh is going somewhere without any reindeer.
Remi (on left) and Ziggy finishing up their sleigh ride. They weren't too sure why they needed to sit there and pretend they were going on a ride, but they were very accommodating!
Remington at almost 3 months, back home in North Carolina.
Here he is again at just shy of 3 months, practicing for the conformation ring.
February 2006, Remi is 4 months old.

Remi's coat does grow out if we aren't diligent in keeping him groomed. Here he is waiting for his turn at his first puppy agility training class.

When learning the weave poles, usually the first experience is to get used to having a set on each side. Then slowly the two sets will be moved together, and eventually, he'll learn that he must weave between the poles to run. Remi was never concerned with the poles, and was focused on the handler at the end of the run.
The wobble-board is sometimes used in agility, and it is important for the dog to be comfortable standing on an unstable surface. Remi did this obstacle fine, right from the beginning.
May 2006, Remi is 7 months old here.

Maybe Remi did so well on the wobble-board in the agility training class because he spends the summers at the lake practicing his technique on a tube. He likes nothing better than to get on the tube with the kids behind the jet-ski or boat.

Seven months old, at his first trial and interested in everything that moves or says "woof".
May 2006, Remi is 7 months old and competing in his first JRT trial. Here he is in the ring in the Dog Pups 6-9 month, rough/broken class at the Carolinas JRT Club ( trial in SC.

Remi won 4th place in his class at his first trial.

January 2007, Remi is 15 months old.

Remi's first flyball practice. Here he is using the "chute", which is a training vehicle to teach dogs the box turn in flyball. They need to jump onto the platform, and drive off to have a fast turn. Once Remi figured out that he is supposed to get ON the chute, he didn't have any trouble learning to drive OFF the chute.

Flyball is about speed, over hurdles and on the box turns. Remi had no trouble getting down the lane quickly, clearing the jumps with lots of room to spare.
Problem is, even when he is on the flat lane he still bounces. He is so animated and enjoys the racing so much, he "flies" even when he's supposed to be "running". Its fun, though, because it is obvious how much he's enjoying himself.
At the end of the practice, there is nothing that tells Remi he's done a great job other than a kiss!



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