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Tortilla Flat Roper (right) and Get at 2005 JRTCA National Trial

Forget-Me-Not Neuce, Forget-Me-Not Emmee, Tortilla Flat Roper

Pebbles of Forget-Me-Not, out hunting

Forget-Me-Not Parker (Foxfield Flash x Pebbles of Forget-Me-Not)
owned by Lois Clough wins the Canadian Nationals in 2003.

Forget-Me-Not Parker (Foxfield Flash x Pebbles of Forget-Me-Not)

Forget-Me-Not Johnny Be Good (Foxfield Flash X Pebbles),
owned by Robert & Marlene Young,
wins Puppy Conformation Champion under Sandhi Rogerson at Grass Valley 2004

Forget-Me-Not Bruno, (Foxfield Flash X Pebbles) owned by Barbara Cutolo.
Best Open Terrier under Barrie Wade, Diggin West II - October 2004

Borter Baxter
Tortilla Flat Roper X Hy-Line Sophie owned by Barbara Cutolo
Puppy Champion under Liz Valles at Fall 2004 Rainier Classic

Forget-Me-Not Boris
(Tortilla Flat Roper X Forget-Me-Not Emmee) owned by Shelly Stalwick
has earned his Pet Partner certificate and is now doing animal assisted therapy


Forget-Me-Not Terriers, Lynn Hawley, Emmett, ID
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