BattleBorn Bonanza Trial
Carson City, NV

September 1 & 2, 2018

Trial Results


Forget-Me-Not Jack Russell Terriers had a great showing at the BattleBorn Bonanza Jack Russell Terrrier Trial in Carson City, NV this September 2018. This is a well-managed trial, and the competition was fierce. Forget-Me-Not took home several championship ribbons. Congratulations to the winning terriers, and don't forget to check these terriers out elsewhere on this site or better yet, come see them in real life in beautiful Emmett, ID.

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under Cheryl Hart

Forget-Me-Not Pepper Best Working Bitch
Shingle Oak Epic

Best Open Dog

Forget-Me-Not Kenai Under Adult GTG Champion
Castle Pines Baron (aka "Bob")

Veteran Terrier Champion

Forget-Me-Not Zesty Reserve Veteran Terrier Champion
Senior Trailing & Locating Reserve Champion




under Sandra Barnett

Forget-Me-Not Pepper

Best Working Bitch
Working Terrier Champion
Best of the Best

Forget-Me-Not Kenai

Best Open Bitch
Open Terrier Champion

Shingle Oak Epic

Best Open Dog

Castle Pines Baron (aka "Bob")

Reserve Veteran Terrier Champion

Forget-Me-Not Bristol First in Suitability to Groundhog
Top Hat Hank First in Suitability to Fox
Under Veteran GTG Champion
Forget-Me-Not Zesty

Senior Trailing & Locating Champion
Fastest Time of Weekend in Trailing and Locating


Forget-Me-Not Get Results (the legacy continues...)

Forget-Me-Not Full Throttle

Adult Over GTG Reserve Champion
Adult Over Super Earth Champion

Adult Over Super Earth Reserve Champion
Fastest Time of Weekend in Super Earth



Forget-Me-Not Terriers, Lynn Hawley, Emmett, ID
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