Forget-Me-Not Trekk (aka "Guy")
(Forget-Me-Not McKinley (aka Mic) x Forget-Me-Not Neuce)





Gender Male Whelped July 31, 2014
Coat Rough JRTCA Reg # 228-13A
Color Tri PLL Normal
Height 13.5" BAER  
    DM Clear/Normal
Sire Forget-Me-Not McKinley Dam Forget-Me-Not Neuce



Guy's Offspring
    Forget-Me-Not Pepper
    Forget-Me-Not Darby

Guy is beginning to produce championship-quality offspring. See the beautiful Forget-Me-Not Pepper and her full sister, Forget-Me-Not Darby. Below, you can see the two siblings at about a week old.




available upon request.


Forget-Me-Not Terriers, Lynn Hawley, Emmett, ID
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