Borter Buckaroo

Gender Male Whelped 1/30/2005
Coat Smooth JRTCA Reg # 211-06A
Color Tri BAER tested
Height 13.25" CERF clean
Sire Tortilla Flat Roper Dam Hyline Sophie


Will stand at stud to approved bitches.

Contact Mary Hamilton, 509-522-2360



Pedigree of Borter Buckaroo

Tortilla Flat Roper

Height: 12"
Coat: Smooth
Color: Tri
Reg #110-04A
Whelped: 2/5/2003

BAER 3/03 Normal
CERF 2/05 Normal

Breeder: Janet Sproles, AZ

Rushill Pirate

Height: 12"
Coat: Smooth
Color: Tri
Reg # E492-82


Breeder: Martyn Hume, UK

Rushill Axle
11.75" Smooth Tri
Russue Bobby
13.5" Smooth Tri
Sting (M. Ogden)
11" Broken T/W
Rushill Judy
13" Smooth T/W
Spud (Nixon)
12.5" Smooth T/W
Moss (Nixon)
12.5" Broken Tri
Tortilla Flat Shannon

Coat: Smooth
Color: Tri
Reg # 1273-99A


Breeder: Janet Sproles, AZ

Treesbank Flannigan
12.5" Broken Tri
Reg #1211-96SA
Foxfield Flint
Broken T/W
Reg # SA-0318
Treesbank Koki
Broken Tri
Reg # SA-1313
The Hollow Blanca
13" Broken White
Reg #897-95A
The Hollow Tyro
13.5" Broken Tri
Reg #693-93A
Larkwood Lucky
13.5" Broken B/W
Reg #784-94E
Hy-Line Sophie

Height: 12.75"
Coat: Smooth
Color: Tri
Reg #1378-98C
Whelped: 5/24/1997



Brandywine Cutter

Height: 12.5"
Coat: Smooth
Color: Tri
Reg #179-97A
Whelped: 1/9/1996



Fox Run Shocker
13.25" Broken T/W
Reg #243-94A
Camelot Derby
12.75" Broken Tri
Reg #587-92A
Kenterfox Hassell
12.75" Smooth T/W
Reg #192-93E
Windemere Alibi
11" Smooth Tri
Reg #78-95A
Riverview Flare
13" Broken Tri
Reg #162-87A
Blencathra Sarah
11.75" Rough T/W
Reg #148-87A
Conquest Foxy Lady

Height: 12.75"
Coat: Broken
Color: T/W
Reg #1407-96C
Whelped: 9/5/1994



Conquest Tango
14" Broken Tri
Loblolly Rowdy
12.75" Rough Tri
Reg #689-93A
Clay Dale Kiesha
13.5" Broken T/W
Reg #528-93A
Hammer & Tongs Sophie
11.75" Broken T/W
Reg #158-91A
Bolt 'em Killa
13.5" Broken Tri
Reg #140-88A
Tandem Hill Kerry
13" Broken T/W
Reg #128-89A


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