Forget-Me-Not Neuce

Gender Female Whelped 6/16/2004
Coat Broken JRTCA Reg # 0655-05A
Color Tri BAER 10/2004 Normal
Height 13" CERF 8/08 Normal (PLL normal)
Sire Salishan Treason "Nic" Dam Forget-Me-Not Dandee

Neuce was reserve open terrier at the Wheatland trial under Cheryl Hart at her first trial as an adult. Nuece has a wonderful, laid-back temperament for a JRT and is very easy to live with. Neuce has great bone for a bitch.



Neuce's Offspring
  Forget-Me-Not Trekk




Pedigree of Forget-Me-Not Neuce

Salishan Treason

Height: 13"
Coat: Broken
Color: Tri
Reg # 0605-03C
Whelped: 3/23/2002

BAER 6/24/02

Breeder: Lois Clough, Canada


Windever Cody

12.25" Smooth Tri
Reg # 1252-00C
Whelped: 9/14/1999

BAER normal
CERF clear 1/2002

Breeder: Grant & Lea Boa, Canada

Kenswick Cannon
12.75 Broken T/W
Reg # 726-98A
Fox Run Dagger
12.5" Rough Tri
Reg # A-1291-96
Windermere Pistol
13.25 Broken T/W
Reg # 362.94A
Tortilla Flat Crunch
13.5 Broken T/W
Reg # 1342-98A
Foxfield Flash NHC
12.75" Smooth Tri
Reg # 488-94A
Claydale Keisha
13.25" Broken T/W
Reg # 528-93A
Tranna Jones

14" Broken Tri
Reg # 1798-98E


Breeder: David Jones (Wales)

Klaus Jones
13" Broken Tri
Reg # BA1133-95
Scrap (D Jones)
12.75" Broken Tri
Reg # Ba1758-95
Kim (M Gwilt)
13" Smooth Tri
Reg # BA1101-95
Tag (D Jones)

Reg #
Scrap (D Jones)
12.75" Broken Tri
Reg # Ba1758-95
Jill (F Watson)

Reg #
Forget-Me-Not Dandee

Height: 11.5"
Coat: Broken
Color: Tri
Reg # 0507-02A
Whelped: 2/3/2000


Breeder: Lynn Hawley, ID

South Mountain Jim Dandy

13.5" Smooth Tri
Reg #
Whelped: 8/19/1998

BAER Normal

Breeder: STEPHANIE Smith

Westworld Shadow
13.75" Broken Tri
Reg # 158-96A
Merrill's Mountain Popeye
12" Smooth Tri
Reg # 460-92A
Fox Run Bustle
13.5" Rough Tri
Reg # 56-91A
Timber Ridge Mooch
14" Smooth Tri
Reg # 936-96A
Gunpowder Oaks Oakie
13 Smooth B/W
Reg # 296-94A
Gunpowder Oaks Jan's Josie
12.5 Broken Tri
Reg # 654-94A
Pebbles of Forget-Me-Not
12" Broken Tri
Reg # 989-99A
Whelped: 8/27/1997


Breeder: Abby Rutherford

Snow Wind Baccarat

Reg # AKC
Ridley Rifleman
13 Broken Tri
Reg #
Snow Wind Bethany
14 Smooth T/W
Reg # RM176341-02
14" Smooth Tri
Reg # 1249-98A
Killare Tycoon
13" Broken Tri
Reg # 179-94A
Skye Elite
14 Smooth T/W
Reg # 244-96A

Breeder: Lynn Hawley, ID


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